Rehearsal Studio


We have a limited amount of studio time available for rehearsals. We prefer regular bookings and long term commitments, but obviously you can try us for a one off. Just bear in mind that regular customers will take preference. Please check the bookings calendar, which has up to date booking spaces. You can request a booking online too.

Live Room

7.5m * 3.5m ( 24' * 11') Seriously well soundproofed and acoustically treated room. This is a floating room with solid wooden floor and with broadband absorbers, people really like the sound of the room. It's quite loud and live as opposed to dead so you'll be energised by the space.

What we offer

We have a full complement of equipment, including microphones,pa, drums and backline. This includes a basic cymbal set, snare drum, beaters and throne. You may wish to bring your own elements to enhance the kit.

Where we are

We are based next to the Rising Sun Arts Centre on Silver Street Reading. Details here.

T: 07888 739050

Silver Street Studios Logo26-30 Silver St, Reading, Berks
RG1 2ST (map)

Tel: 07888739050

Twitter: SilverStStudios

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Rehearsal Rates

  • £10 per hour.
  • Minimum booking of 3 hours - Mon - Fri 7 - 12
  • Daytime and weekends sometimes available at same rate.
  • Control Room bookings available.

Booking policy

  • Regular bookings take priority.
  • Booking by Email preferred.
  • Refund in full upto 48 hours notice.

Equipment list

  • Drums - Full Kit by Tama with Mapex Snare and basic Sabian cymbals. Throne and beaters included,
  • P.a. Behringer -PMP3000 Built in effects, Peavey Messenger PRO-15- Speakers
  • Guitar amps Line 6 Spider III 75w Head with Marshall 4 * 12 Cab
  • Fender Frontman FM 212
  • Trace Elliott & Carlsboro Bass amps
  • Microphones SM58's & SM57 - 3 standard, more by request,
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Live recording facilities coming soon